Library: Documents for Coaches and Teams

Blue Crab Bowl documents and handouts that you need for your reference and use can be found below. Team Registration Forms are available for invited teams in November.  Current NOSB Competition Rules and other documents are posted. Updated versions will be posted as they are needed and become available.

If you have trouble downloading or opening the files, please contact BCB webpage manager, Carol Hopper Brill, by e-mail or phone (804-684-7735).

  • BCB Event Program 2018
    Summarizes competing teams, Bowl structure, awards, event sponsors
  • BCB 2018 Media Release with competition results
    For the 21st Annual Blue Crab Bowl, thirteen teams competed for top honors. Summarizes competing teams, Bowl structure, prizes awarded and event sponsors. Details the top four teams and includes their photos.
  • 2018 Competition Teams
    List of Virginia schools invited to compete in 2018.
  • 2018 BCB flier
  • BCB Media Release
  • Coaching and Team Participation Policy
    Outlines team composition, defines and outlines responsibilities of the Coach of Record. Describes policy and procedure for changes in coach assignment, role of scientific advisors from host institutions, and ethical and sportsmanship standards.
  • Competitor Behavioral Expectations
    Describes policy and expectations for team member attendance and behavior at all Bowl events and venues. Outlines expectations for coaches and chaperones in providing guidance.
  • Spectator Guidelines & Behavioral Expectations
    Describes policy for spectators attending BCB competition and other activity venues. Outlines expectations for coaches and chaperones in providing supervision and behavioral guidance.
  • NOSB Compete Competition Rules
    This is the most current version available. Note clarifications highlighted in yellow and green. This is the ultimate resource governing BCB and other regional competitions. Rules are sorted by categories: team eligibility; competition structure; game operations; answer acceptability; timing and scoring; end of time and tie-breaks; challenges; and misc. All coaches and competitors must read and understand these rules.
  • The Game in a Crab Shell
    Blue Crab Bowl competition overview. This summary describes: competition question types, scoring and answer acceptability; the roles of competition officials; competition timing and clocks; and the schedule of round-robin and double-elimination formats.

FAST Facts

Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Gloucester Point, VA
Feb 15-16, 2019

National Ocean Sciences Bowl Finals Competition April 2019
Date & location to be announced