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The Virginia Sea Grant Marine Education Team

Welcome to the home of the Virginia Sea Grant Marine Education team. Our team is composed of 5 full time marine education specialists all with the goal of advancing ocean sciences education and ocean literacy. Our extended team includes teachers, scientists and others - at our institution, in our region, and across the nation.

Some examples of how we are achieving this goal, both at our headquarters at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and on the road, are presented below.

If you are interested in any of our programs, or have questions about ocean literacy, ocean currents, ocean sunfish, or the ocean in general, please contact us through the feedback form located on the Bridge.

Meet the Staff

The Bridge

Professional Development for Educators

Services to the Marine Ed Community

Recent and Upcoming Activitities

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Many of our duties revolve around maintenance of the Bridge website and the many services it provides to the marine education community. This collection of the best teacher-reviewed ocean sc07-Dec-2012er year from educators in 200 countries. The B07-Dec-2012s to useable online data, student and teacher opportunities, a moderated educator discussion list, and hundreds of topical resources on all things marine. Why not check out the Bridge and see what's new?


Professional Development for Educators

During the summer and throughout the year, the Marine Education team conducts educator workshops at the VIMS campus, VIMS Eastern Shore Laboratory, and at local, regional, and national conferences and meetings.

Summer Field Courses During the summers of 2005, 2006 and 2007, staff from the Virginia Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program coordinated the field component of the oceanography course at the VIMS Eastern Shore Laboratory (ESL) in Wachapreague, VA. Here, classroom teachers were the students as they explored the diverse habitats of Virginia's Eastern Shore and it07-Dec-2012nded by Virginia Sea Grant.

On the mudflat Using a refractometer Beach profiling

Workshops combining scientific updates with standards-correlated teaching resources are offered periodically throughout the year. Recent topics include Sea Turtles, Oyster Reefs, Blue Crabs, Sharks, Benthic Communities, and Biological Invaders. In 2006, as a NOAA Chesapeake Bay B-Wet project, teachers teamed-up with Oyster Reef Keepers of Virginia and members of the Tidewater Oyster Gardeners Association (TOGA) and learned about oyster gardening, including oyster biology, oyster reef ecology, and oyster restoration. With help from the TOGA members, the teachers built oyster floats where they will raise seed oysters with their students. In 2007, teachers learned about ocean observing systems and Atlantic sturgeon in two of our summer workshops.

Oyster dissection Building a float  

Special Topics Graduate Courses (MS-548)
Courses for educators provide laboratory and field studies led by VIMS faculty and staff via the College of William & Mary School of Marine Science. Past courses have included: Experimental Design for in the Marine Laboratory; Environmental Issues in Virginia; Fisheries Science and Management; and Application of Molecular Markers in Marine Science.

Conference Workshops and Presentations
Presented by the Education team, these workshops offer a quick update on the latest resources and methods in marine education. See our calendar of conference presentations, past and future, below, and join us!

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Service to the Marine Education Community

The Virginia Sea Grant Education team helps keep the marine education community connected!

  • With service to education agencies, organizations, and committees:
    • National Marine Educators Association (NMEA)
    • National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB)
    • National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
    • Sea Grant Education Network (SGEN)
    • Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association (MAMEA)
    • Mid-Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association (MACOORA)
    • Virginia Resource Use Education Council (VRUEC)
    • Virginia Master Naturalists
  • Through professional collaborations:
    • Ocean Observing Systems: The Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) is an international effort to provide real-time data products. The Chesapeake Bay Observing System is one of many coastal ocean observing systems that contribute to this program. VIMS/Sea Grant educators are currently working with scientists regionally and nationally to facilitate plans for incorporation of information from these new systems into education and outreach programs
    • COSEE: Virginia Sea Grant and the Bridge are partners in the Central Coordinating Office (CCO) for NSF's national initiative, Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE). The VSG role in CCO operations includes the coordination of network communications via a public COSEE website and an administrative website.

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Past and Upcoming Bridge Activities

Find out where the team has been, where they will be next and what they will be presenting! If you missed a presentation of interest to you, please let us know, we may have resource packets to share! Just drop us a line with the presentation information.

January 28
Maryland Watermen's and Aquaculture Trade Expo, Ocean City, MD
Junior Watermen's Expo
Vicki: "Chesapeake Critter Crafts"
Chris: "Cartesian Sea Jelly Divers"
February 21
ASLO/AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu, HI
Chris: "Linking Ocean Observing Systems With K-14 Classrooms"
May 20
VIMS Marine Science Day
Carol: Fish Printing; Plankton Life Necklace; Sea Jelly Chapeau; Planktivore Feeding Challenge; Plankton Food Web Toss
Chris: "Cartesian Sea Jelly Divers"
June 26-28
Teacher Oyster Workshop and Professional Development Institute
Lisa and Staff
July 5-13
Virginia Earth Science Collaborative: Oceanography, Field Component, VIMS Eastern Shore Lab
Vicki, Carol, and Chris
July 18
National Marine Educators Association, New York, NY
Lisa and Chris: "Bridge DATA Lesson Plan: Conductivity"
August 4
National Ocean Sciences Bowl Coaches' Needs Assessment Workshop, Washington, D.C.
Carol, Lisa, and Chris: "Fishing from the Bridge to Find What you Need"

June 29 and
August 22

York County School District Professional Development Instititute, Grafton, VA
Carol and Chris: "VIMS: Marine Science Resources for Classrooms & Teachers"
September 29 - October 1
Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association, North East, MD
Lisa and Chris: "STI: Sea Turtle Investigations"
Featuring: "Off the Hook!," "See Turtles Nest, See Turtles Hatch," "Sea Turtle Science," and "Scientist Spotlight: Kate Mansfield"
Carol: "Playing the Role: Introducing Marine Science Careers Using a Problem-Solving Activity "
October 7
Tidewater Association of Science Educators, Virginia Beach, VA
Carol: "Blue Crab Bowl: A Tool for Science Educators"
November 3
National Science Teachers Association - Regional, Baltimore, MD
Vicki: "Bridge DATA: The Blue Crab's Chesapeake Journey"; NMEA Share-a-thon
November 16-18
Virginia Association of Science Teachers, Richmond, VA
Vicki and Lisa: "River Watch: Tracking the Invasive Rapa Whelk"
Carol and Chris: "Observing Coastal Storms from your Classroom"
January 27
East Coast Commercial Watermen's & Aquaculture Trade Show -
Junior Watermen's Program
, Ocean City, MD
Vicki and Lisa: Gyotaku (fish prints)
Chris: Current Events
July 22-28
National Marine Educators Association, Portland, ME

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