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Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee dumped a large amount of water in the Susquehanna watershed, creating a muddy plume that extended down the Chesapeake Bay to the mid-bay islands and persisted for several months.

We were finally able to acquire clear aerial imagery of the flats on 11/08/11. Surprisingly, SAV on the Susquehanna Flats (Quad 003) survived pretty well. It does appear that some grass was lost, particularly on the east side of the bed. Here is a look at the upper flats in 2010 and 2011. Slide the central bar left or right to compare the two dates.

Multiple species of SAV growing on the flats form the dark and light features in the middle of the image. Submerged grasses create a dark signature while grasses on the surface shine brightly in the sun. The thin white lines of turbid water coming from the bed appear to be caused by foraging waterfowl.

Left - Susquehanna Flats on 8/30/10, Right - Susquehanna Flats on 11/08/11