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diatom ooze Featured Bridge DATA Activity
Ooze Clues: Diatom Oooze
Photo: Frank Fox

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sharkIsland Explorers
"The lesson plan page provides engaging activities for elementary and middle school students in topics such as physical oceanography, ocean organisms and their interactions, and human impact on the ocean.  Thorough background information provided for teachers in each lesson plan, along with recommendations for making the activities work with ideal materials as well as substitutions if those items aren't available.  Extension activities are provided for most lessons, too.  Great site!  "
–Julie, Bridge Teacher Reviewer

Salt marsh (Natinoal Estuarine Research Reserve System)Discovery of Sound in the Sea
The physics and biology of underwater sound is the special obsession of the terrific DOSITS website.  This in-depth site defines sound and describes its measurement, behavior in water, and importance to marine life and humans. It has interactive lesson plans using real audio data and a fun gallery of sound bites from fish, invertebrates, and marine mammals.  The role of sound in oceanographic research is stressed, and now there's a special page on Flight 370.


State of the Arctic
June 21, 2014 — Ocean Sampling Day
On June 21, 2014, the summer solstice, thousands of scientists will join together to participate in Ocean Sampling Day (OSD), an international collaboration to collect water samples from the ocean and rivers around the world. Within the water samples, scientists will also be collecting things so small that, in most cases, they are invisible to the naked eye. Some, in fact, are so tiny that up to a million of them can live in just one millimeter of seawater!

Learn more about Ocean Sampling Day and explore the Student Video, the Microbes Photo Gallery, Fact Sheet, Classroom Activities, and much more!


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