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diatom ooze Featured Bridge DATA Activity
Ooze Clues: Diatom Oooze
Photo: Frank Fox

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sharkTree of Life Web Project
"An ongoing collaboration between evolutionary biologists, the site has separate webpages for most major taxonomic groups, both modern and ancient, both living and extinct.  Many pages provide information about the distinguishing traits and natural history of each taxon.  But the best feature is that all these webpages are linked together phylogenetically.  That is, the hyperlinks between them parallel the actual branches on the evolutionary tree of life!

Image courtesy of Tree of Life Web Project.

Salt marsh (Natinoal Estuarine Research Reserve System)Shape of Life: Story of the Animal Kingdom
This website is the latest evolution of the 2002 PBS series of the same name. The 8 original episodes centered on 8 major animal phyla and emphasized their key evolutionary innovations - with a strong slant toward marine taxa. These episodes are now reorganized into 80 clips for free streaming or download, so teachers can select segments for phylum overviews, striking animal behaviors, vivid anatomical animations, and so on. The site also houses a collection of associated lessons and other resources.

Photo courtesy of PBS/Shape of Life.


State of the Arctic
NOAA's Ocean Today: Marine Life
Watch. Explore. Discover. Ocean Today is a multimedia kiosk that features videos on all aspects of the ocean realm -- exploration and discoveries, marine life and science. Originally designed for the Smithsonian's Sant Ocean Hall the kiosks are now located in dozens of aquariums, museums, and learning centers throughout the world. Can't visit an Ocean Today kiosk in person? View the videos on this website.

Photo courtesy of NOAA Ocean Today.


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