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Ghostbusting in the Chesapeake — Rounding Up Derelict Fishing Gear

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walleyeGreatest of the Great Lakes
Toxic pollution often takes center stage in COSEE's Greatest of the Great Lakes lesson collection. Lessons tackle bioaccumulation and biomagnification of fat-soluble toxins, bacterial contamination of public beaches and waters, and how the Lakes' physical traits conspire to make them especially vulnerable to pollutants. Targeting grades 4-10, the collection's 41 lessons abound with hands-on activities, vivid demos, and interactive games, making frequent cross-connections to

Image: Walleye art by Timothy Knepp / Credit: USFWS/wikipedia

bubblegum coralNOAA Education Resources: Ocean Pollution
Part of the NOAA Education Resources website, this section focuses on ocean pollution and includes resources on marine debris, noise pollution, harmful algal blooms, and the dead zone. This site provides background information, lessons and activities, real world data, multimedia resources and career profiles.

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2016 National Marine Educators Association Annual Conference

Making Waves: Current Connections in Marine Science
June 25-July 1, 2016
Orlando, FL
Mark your calendars and start making your travel plans! #NMEA16 will be in Orlando, FL! Bring your family for some fun in the sun!


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