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Image: Marine Debris, NOAA

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Plastic Seas infographicSeas of Plastic

The creators of this infographic used large-scale hydrodynamic models to simulate global oceanic circulation. By looping 6 years of hindcasted daily oceanic circulation, they integrated the dispersal model for a 25-year hydrodynamic simulation. Particles were released in the model domain and tracked over the 25-year simulation.

Image: Seas of Plastic/Dumpark Data Science

ContoursImmersive Virtual Dives

Immerse yourself in the ocean and your national marine sanctuaries without getting wet! NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries has created virtual reality voyages use 360-degree images to highlight the amazing habitats, animals, and cultural resources you can find in each sanctuary location.

Image: Olympic Coast NMS, NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

NMEA 2018 logo
NMEA 2019: Turning the Tide

July 22-25, 2019
Durham, NH, USA

There's nothing like New England in the summertime! Network with marine educators from across the country and around the globe on the University of New Hampshire campus.


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