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Every Square Inch Counts - How do scientists measure the abundance of rocky intertidal organisms? How does the subtidal zone differ from the rocky intertidal zone in organisms and abundance? Every Square Inch Counts is an activity that compares the rocky intertidal habitats of Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary to the subtidal benthic habitat in Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

There Are Algae in Your House- Ocean Planet's lesson plan on seaweed in food and household products.

Kelp and Us- Interactive site that details the importance of kelp as a household product. Activities include experiment and detective hunt.

Is There Kelp in Your Cupboard?- Learn how seaweeds are used in a variety of commond foods and household items. Site includes online activity and supporting materials.

Ocean Planet: Ocean Market- Lesson plan that identifies, classifies, and sources consumer goods that come from the ocean. Site includes printer-friendly student pages.

Seaweed-The Wonder Under the Sea- Learn how seaweed is used to make an incredible variety of household products and medicines, understand seaweed as a valuable resource across time and cultures, and learn about the many varieties of seaweed and their unique characteristics.

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