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Natural History of Nova Scotia Topics & Habitats: Shorebirds - Download a packet of information on the habitats, food supply, distribution and breeding of shorebirds.

Shorebirds: Winging Between Hemispheres - A U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service resource that describes what a shorebird is, habitat requirements, breeding and feeding behavior, and what is threatening our shorebirds.

Every Square Inch Counts - How do scientists measure the abundance of rocky intertidal organisms? How does the subtidal zone differ from the rocky intertidal zone in organisms and abundance? Every Square Inch Counts is an activity that compares the rocky intertidal habitats of Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary to the subtidal benthic habitat in Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.


The Albatross Project - Students around the country can join scientists in tracking albatrosses in Hawaii. This site also gives in depth information on the biology of these ocean-going birds.

Oikonos Ocean Stewardship: Education and Outreach - Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge is a non-profit research, conservation, and education organization. They have developed curriculum that incorporates satellite telemetry research on the Black-footed albatross with plastic pollution prevention for middle and high school students. Several activities are available and are aligned to California Science Content Standards.

Big Bird Race - Students and others can follow the Tasmanian Shy Albatrosses from Australia to South Africa.


The White Pelican - Information on the white pelican and links to other pelican information pages.


Penguin Adaptation - Description of the characteristics that make penguins suitable for Antarctica.

Be A Penguin! - New England Aquarium's interactive penguin page for students.

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