Bycatch-NOAA Fisheries Feature- This site details NOAA's efforts towards bycatch research and includes technical reports, data, and regulatory information.

EJF - Bycatch Reduction- In-depth background information about global bycatch and possible solutions are presented in this comprehensive introductory site.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Seafood Watch Program-Bycatch- This page includes an introductory global bycatch fact sheet in addition to a solutions page.

Bycatch Fact Sheet- This Rhode Island Sea Grant Fact Sheet gives an introduction bycatch and problems in regional fisheries, with specific gear types, and possible solutions.

A Global Assessment of Fisheries Bycatch and Discards (FAO)- This technical report includes a global and regional analysis of bycatch and discards in fisheries, by gear, target species and fishing areas.

Offshore/Inshore Fisheries Development & Technologies: Fishing Methods- Short definitions of a variety of fishing gears and techniques are provided.

International Sea Turtle Bycatch Reduction Plan- This technical document details the plan of action to reduce sea turtles as a bycatch species.

Game of Life - What does over-fishing mean? What are the effects of over-fishing on fish stocks? Through the game in this lesson, students will understand the effects of over-fishing on the sustainability of fish stocks and, thus, the ability to meet the human demand for seafood.

Navigating Change - Navigating Change is a project focused on raising awareness and motivating attitude and behavior change to better care for our islands and our ocean resources. Navigating Change is a five part, Hawaii DOE Standards aligned curriculum for grades 4-5. The collection modules include: The Voyage; Land to Sea Connection; Change Over Time; Human Impact; and You Make the Difference. Modules are in pdf format.


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