Marine Careers Net - A new Sea Grant online resource that profiles 34 marine science professionals. This site shows the diversity of ages, genders, races, and even educational background of people working in marine science.

Office of Naval Research: Careers in Oceanography - An online booklet by the Navy with an that tells you about careers in oceanography including educational requirements, job opportunities, market outlook, and special sections for women, minorities, and people with disabilities.

Oceanography Careers-Women in Marine Sciences - "Women Oceanographers is a fantastic website with profiles on 12 remarkable women with careers in oceanography. Each profile includes a biography, a typical work week, background information, photos, links to learn more, a video interview and in-depth information about one topic in which they are involved. What a GREAT resource to provide AWESOME mentors and role models for young women enagaged at all levels of scientific learning." Chantelle, Science and Biology teacher, Grades 9-12 - is a nationwide project supported by California COSEE (Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence). Provides information on: ocean science career opportunities, the knowledge and skills required to enter these careers, where students can gain the necessary education, employers who hire people to work in these careers, and much more.

Strategies for Pursuing a Career in Marine Mammal Science - Everything you ever wanted to know about a career in marine mammal science including the required education, chances of finding a job in the field, typical salary, etc.

Marine Science Career Profiles - Interviews with a wide range of people working in marine science to answer some of the common questions about this line of work.

Careers & Jobs in Marine Biology & Oceanography - List of links to more career information pages.

A Career Guide to Marine Mammal Training - This free, interactive and independent website has been conceived and designed by working marine mammal professionals to provide accurate, hard to find information and rare behind the scenes views and insights into the fascinating world of marine mammal care and training. The site includes career information, photos and videos, a fact vs fiction section, and extensive information on the bottlenose dolphin.

NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps - NOAA Commissioned Corps Officers are an integral part of NOAA. Officers can be found operating one of NOAA's 18 ships or 14 aircraft to provide support to meet NOAA's missions. Duties and areas of operations can range from launching a weather balloon at the South Pole, conducting hydrographic or fishery surveys in Alaska, maintaining buoys in the tropical Pacific, flying snow surveys and into hurricanes.

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