Barnacles - This site describes barnacle biology, reproduction, anatomy, and life cycle as well as a few species descriptions.

Barnacle Fact Sheet - This page goes over basic biological background information about barnacles.


Blue Crabs in the Chesapeake Bay - Curriculum and activity that focus on the life cycle and distribution of juvenile and adult blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay.

The Blue Crab Education Page - Information compiled by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science on the anatomy, life cycle, ecology, and fisheries of the blue crab.

Blue Crab Archives - Information (with excellent photos) on the anatomy, mating and molting of blue crabs plus find out how to catch hard crabs and soft crabs, how to cook them, and where to go for blue crab related festivals and events.

Atlantic Coast Crabs - list of species, their descriptions and life history.

Atlantic Snow Crab - Information on the anatomy, life cycle, fishery and more.

Dungeness Crab - Information on the anatomy, life cycle, fishery and more.

Fiddler Crabs - Classification, morphology, and distribution information is featured on this page along with supporting videos and photos.

ACE Basin Species Gallery: Fiddler Crabs - Description, habitat and biology, and species information is covered on this page.


All About Lobsters - Information from the Gulf of Maine Aquarium on lobsters with educational activities.

Hatch to Catch - An interactive journey in which viewers guide a cohort of lobster larvae from "hatch" to "catch" by picking hatching area and settlement time. Website information is based on research from Bigelow Laboratory and Darmouth College scientists.

The Lobster Conservancy - Detailed information on lobster biology plus information on the organization's current research, adopt a lobster program, volunteer projects and more.

Lobster - Information on the anatomy, life cycle, fishery and more.


Shrimps of British Columbia - Information on the anatomy, life cycle, fishery and more of a variety of shrimp species found in BC.

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