Bony Fishes - Sea World's fish resource, contains information on biology, habitat, reproduction, conservation and more. Grades 5 and up.

FishBase - Contains a searchable database with life history information on more than 24,000 species of fish. Also has a larval fish database and a guide to learning & teaching ichthyology.

Striper Tracker - Follow striped bass with scientists. Site includes activities, background information, and lesson plans.

Project Seahorse -In-depth and accurate information on seahorse species including scientific drawings, the latest seahorse research, and an online seahorse identification guide. Appropriate for Grades 7-12.

NOVA Online: Kingdom of the Seahorse - Everything you ever wanted to know about seahorses and an interview with Amanda Vincent, seahorse biologist.

Seahorse Surreal - Find your answers about seahorses on this site's detailed Frequently Asked Questions section. Also includes a list of recommend multimedia resources. Grades 4-9.

Freshwater Fish Quiz - This interactive quiz from Wisconsin Sea Grant will test your knowledge (and teach you something!) on some of the fish found in the Great Lakes.

Fish FAQ - Northeast Fisheries Science Center webpage with links a variety of information on fish.

National Museum of Natural History: Division of Fishes - Search the database of fishes or link to other fish-related websites.

Reef Protection International - RPI educates the public about the marine aquarium trade and promotes consumer behavior that enhances coral reef conservation. Featuring a reef fish guide, reef statistics, and general information on the state of coral reefs, this site serves as reference point for coral reef research projects and general knowledge.

FINS - Fish Information Service is an archive of information about marine and freshwater aquariums.

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