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General Information

Gulf of Maine Aquarium: Marine Mammals - Find information on cetacean behavior, communication, social structure, adaptations, interactions with humans, natural history, research, and classroom activities on whale feeding, physiology, and migration.

Whale Times - Website geared for younger ages. Contains marine mammal facts, kids' activities, recommended books and Ask Jake the Seadog.

The Marine Mammal Center - Contains information on education, research, volunteering, adopt-a-seal and a photo gallery.

Vancouver Aquarium Research & Conservation - Learn about Vancouver Aquariums's cetacean and sea lion studies, marine mammal rescue & rehab, and killer whale adoption program.

A Career Guide to Marine Mammal Training - This free, interactive and independent website has been conceived and designed by working marine mammal professionals to provide accurate, hard to find information and rare behind the scenes views and insights into the fascinating world of marine mammal care and training. The site includes career information, photos and videos, a fact vs fiction section, and extensive information on the bottlenose dolphin.

Dolphins & Porpoises

Bottlenose Dolphin - Sea World informational resource appropriate for grade 5 and up.

Manatee & Dugong

Sea World: Manatee - Sea World informational resource appropriate for grade 5 and up.

Save the Manatee Club - Resources include information on the biology and tracking of manatee, news, mortality statistics, where to view, and free education materials.

The Call of the Siren - A graduate student's homepage of her research on manatee, also contains information on the extinct Steller's sea cow plus links to additional research, books, conservation groups, sites for kids and more.

Manatee - Short description of the biology and habitat of the manatee from The Marine Mammal Center.

Florida Marine Research Institute: Manatees - Find general information on manatees, plus press releases, mortality statistics and PDF files of manatee facts and an annual report for the the Save the Manatee Trust Fund.

Dugong dugon - Geographic range, physical characteristics, natural history, and conservation of the dugong.

Seals, Sea Lions, Etc.

Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses - A classroom resource for K-3 lessons on these pinnipeds. There is also another guide for Grades 4-8.

Threatened, Endangered, and Depleted Seals and Sea Lions - Information from NOAA on the characteristics of various pinnipeds with highlights on the five species determined to be threatened, endangered or depleted.

Walruses - Sea World informational resource appropriate for grade 5 and up.

North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium: Steller Sea Lions - Under the site's Research section, find information on the biology, distribution, nutritional stress, energetics, disease, predation, and various human-induced stresses to Steller sea lions.

Sea Otter Unit - A teacher's manual on sea otters with an introductory activity, lesson plans for reading, technology, writing, and social studies, a glossary, a list of additional resources, and an evaulation. Upper elementary to high school.

Otternet - Find species profiles for the 13 different species of otters, descriptions of the habitats they live, and conservation effort suggestions. You can also view video clips, listen to otter calls, or play otterpong.

Focus on Sea Otters - A Monterey Bay Aquarium website where you can learn about the biology and population recovery of sea otters and "meet" the otters on exhibit at the aquarium and view them throught the otter cam.


WhaleNet - An education project that brings marine mammal research data into the classroom. Features STOP (Satellite Tagging Observation Program) enabling you to track the migration of various marine mammals, Ask a Scientist, and an assortment of lesson plans and activities.

Webquest: Sensory Biology and the Plight of the Right Whales - Learn about sound in the ocean to help “save” endangered right whales. In this WebQuest, students form a team of specialists whose mission is to devise a method to reduce whale mortality due to either entanglement in fishing gear or ship collisions. The team studies the feeding behavior, migration patterns and geographical distribution of Northern right whales, whale sensory biology, and current marine acoustics research & technology then proposes a solution to this real problem.

Baleen Whales, Beluga Whales, and Killer Whales - Sea World informational resources appropriate for grade 5 and up.

Whales: A Thematic Web Unit - Provides resources, activities and projects about whales for teachers.

Wonders of the Seas: Sperm Whales - Background information about sperm whales is featured here.

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