Maritime Heritage

NOAA's Maritime Heritage Program - NOAA's Maritime Heritage Program's mission is to protect, promote and explore our maritime heritage through a national program embracing heritage resources in our evolving coastal, marine and Great Lakes stewardship. The site contains expedition information, research topics, links to additional resources, and information on the Preserve America initiative.

The Mariners' Museum: Educational Programs - This museum offers the following online educational resources: Birth of the U.S. Navy (with online quiz), Battle of the Atlantic: Allied Naval Intelligence in World War II, The Monitor (with a classroom activity), The Age of Exploration (a curriculum guide), and History of the Chesapeake Bay (with classroom activities).

Age of Exploration - "Are you looking for a way to show what life on board a ship in the 1500-1600's was like? Then this is the perfect site for you. Hands on activities help bring an outdated concept alive to Nintendo and technology crazy modern students. Bake sea biscuits, yum, yum, yuck!! After students taste these salty hard biscuits they will truly appreciate cafeteria food!! But don't tell them...let them be surprised! Other exciting hands on learning opportunities are all over the site. Students learn parts of a boat, search for words in puzzles, create compasses and learn about life threatening diseases that claimed many sailors' lives. Jump aboard matey and experience the Age of Exploration! " Susan, 5th grade teacher, Mar Vista Elementary School Oxnard, CA

A Brief History of Marine Biology and Oceanography - Contains a brief summary of key people, events and expeditions important in marine biology from Aristotle's observations of seashore animals to the discovery of deep sea hydrothermal vents in the 1970s.

NOAA History - The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's History page contains biographical sketches, sea stories, art & poetry, and photos from NOAA and its ancestor agencies.

The Columbus Navigation Homepage - Extensive information about Christopher Columbus and his voyages.

The Voyage of the Challenger - Learn more about this historic voyage to map the sea.

Blackbeard's Shipwreck - The North Carolina Maritime Musuem presents information on Blackbeard and his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge.

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