Natural History of Nova Scotia Topics & Habitats: Tidal Marsh - Download a packet of information on the plants, animals, ecosystem, and physical aspects of marsh areas.

National Estuarine Research Reserve System Lesson Plans - A collection of curricula, lesson plans and activities developed by some of the National Estuarine Research Reserves to help introduce students to specific estuarine environments. Topics include eelgrass and mud flat habitats, mangroves, natural and cultural resources, water cycle, hydrology, and public policy. K-12.

Wetland 101 - A description of common wetland habitats, their functions, plants and creatures.

Salt Marsh - High school level and higher description with pictures of salt marshes.

Wetlands/Migration - Lesson plan to increase awareness for the need to protect our nation's wetlands. Grades 2-6.

California Wetlands Information System - Comprehensive wetlands information to the general public, the educational community, and government agencies.

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