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Green Abalone - Brief information on the description, habitat, diet, and reproduction of the green abalone.


Limpet Identification Lab - Lesson plan to study new life forms and to develop distinguishing or key characteristics to aid in the study of life. Grades 9-12.


Invasion of an Exotic Species: Stop the Zebra Mussel A Data Analysis Activity for Assessing Zebra Mussel Invasion Risk in Virginia Grades 8-12

Octopus, Squid & Cuttlefish

The Cephalopod Page - Detailed information on octopus, squid and cuttlefish with links to other cephalopod and mollusc pages.

Sea Dwellers: Octopus - Brief description of octopi from PBS Online.

In Search of the Giant Squid - The truth about this mysterious, giant based on the exhibit by the National Museum of Natural History.

Squid - Information on the anatomy and life history.


Maryland Sea Grant: Oysters - Information on oyster history, research, management and restoration. K-12 teaching resources including laboratories.

Oyster Stew - A smorgasbord of information on oysters, this site has everything from oyster biology to aquaculture to nutritional information. Oyster Stew is an easy-to-navigate site appropriate for the middle to high school level.

American Oyster - Information on the anatomy, life cycle, distribution, behavior and fishery of the American oyster.

Black Pearls - A teaching activity from Newton's Apple about how pearls are formed and what makes them valuable.

Oyster Reef Page - Virginia Institute of Marine Science's research on oyster reef restoration. -"This is a terrific site for anyone interested in learning about pearls. The background information about pearls discusses everything from how pearls are formed to how they are graded for the marketplace. Terms specific to this industry are clearly defined." Elizabeth, Informal educator

Sea Slugs (Nudibranchs)

The Slug Site - Features a nudibranch of the week with pictures and description and links to many nudibranch resources. Be sure to check out Dr. Hans Bertsch's page on everything you ever wanted to know about nudibranchs.

The Sea Slug Forum - Information on the biology of sea slugs from the Australian Museum Online. Much of the information comes from emailed in questions and responses.

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