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Marine Invertebrates - Brief descriptions on a variety of different marine invertebrates.

Introduction to the Cnidaria - Find out about the life history, ecology, morphology, systemics, and fossil record of jellyfish, corals and other stingers.

Wonders of the Seas: Sponges - Learn about the classification, biology, and morphology of sponges. Includes a nice anatomical diagram of a sponge.

Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) Educational Resources - OBIS is the information component of the Census of Marine Life, a growing network of researchers engaged in a 10-year initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans. This site features an image library, middle to high school-level lesson plans, and education materials for resource managers. The activities help students organize, visualize, and interpret real scientific data, and participate side by side with scientists.


Sea Anemone - Minnesota Zoo/Discovery Bay's description of sea anemones.

Horseshoe Crab

Horseshoe Crab History, Biology, Research and Conservation - "If you are looking for an ocean animal that will really hold your students' interest, then look no more... Horseshoe crabs are for you. This site has great information on this interesting animal that will interest you and students of all ages. I found this site extremely easy to navigate. The pictures were colorful and realistic and the text was written at an appropriate grade level for elementary students, as well as junior high and above students. Great visuals!" Susan, 5th grade teacher

The Horseshoe Crab - Explore the natural history, evolution, anatomy, medical uses, research and conservation of the horseshoe crab in this comprehensive website. It also has an art and writing contest for K-12 students. Educators can join the Teachers Lounge and exchange lesson plans and activities.


Those That Sting - Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium's virtual jellyfish exhibit to learn about the jellyfish's biology, life cycle, relatives and even see live pictures on the JellyCam. Also has two classroom activities, one K-4 and the other 5-12.

Introduction to the Ctenophora - Information on ctenophores ("comb jellies") with links to cnidarian and jellyfish information.

Sea Stars/Starfish

Sea Stars - Information on its description, habitat, diet, breeding, etc.

Sea Urchin

Steller SiteSea Urchin Embryology - Advanced high school level laboratory activities using sea urchins to observe fertilization and early developmental stages. This is a comprehensive site (funded in part by the National Science Foundation) complete with multiple labs, support lessons, background information, animated graphics illustrating lab techniques and a glossary of terms.

Purple Sea Urchin - Information on its description, habitat, diet, breeding, etc.

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