This page is for Bridge TROLLs (Teacher Reviewers of On-Line Learning). If you want to be a site reviewer and are not yet registered as a TROLL, or if you are a registered TROLL and need a list of sites to review, please contact the Bridge Outreach & Data Coordinator,

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The Bridge is not a compendium of all ocean science materials on the web. It is a collection featuring the BEST internet resources for ocean science education. Websites selected for the Bridge need to be scientifically valid with up-to-date information, appropriate for elementary and/or secondary education, and sufficiently user-friendly that novice websurfers are not intimidated. The TROLLs (Teacher Reviewers of On-line Learning) help the Bridge staff sift through the many thousands of marine-related sites for those most useful to educators. A separate group, the STARS (Scientific and Technical Reviewers) provides guidance on scientific content represented on the Bridge.

A site's value to a teacher depends upon the teacher's needs and interests. For example, a superb elementary site about fish would be of little value to a high school teacher doing a unit on plate tectonics. In order to give each site a fair evaluation, reviewers are asked to approach each review with the assumption that they need and want information and resources in the site's content area(s) and at the site's intended grade level(s).

Reviewers assign point ratings in each of three categories, and rate the site overall as acceptable for the Bridge or not acceptable. The point range is 1 (low) to 5 (high). Sites with ratings averaging 3 or higher will generally be included on the Bridge.

In making point determinations, please take the following into consideration, but be aware that not all items will (or should) apply to all sites. It is a good idea to print this page for quick reference as you evaluate sites.

The TROLL Top Web Pick will be awarded to the best sites. They will be selected from sites that reviewers consider to be among the top 10% of educational websites. Characteristics of these sites will include:

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Thank you for donating your time and expertise to the Bridge. On the review page you will find a place to report the time you give to this project. Please be sure to provide this information. We (and our funding agencies) are very interested in accurately tracking national collaboration.

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