There Are Algae in Your House! - Ocean Planet's lesson plan on seaweed in food and household products.

VIMS Sea Grant Seafood Education - Information on seafood education programs at VIMS and on-line informational resources in seafood (including recipes), fisheries, and related topics.

Florida Seafood & Aquaculture - Official web site of the Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing, offering seafood information for both consumers and industry to help buy, sell and market Florida seafood and aquaculture products. Provides promotional materials, supplier directories, and training for retailers, foodservice, wholesalers, processors, fishermen and aquaculturists. Also includes internet links, recipes, news, calendar of seafood festivals, brochures, clipart, audio and video. Freshwater and marine species culture.

National Fisheries Institute - Information on the U.S. seafood and aquaculture industries, seafood inspection, seafood nutrition information, news releases and more.

Ocean Planet: Seafood - Find out about seafood Americans eat. For instance, where did it come from? What did it eat? Is it safe to eat?

Marine Fisheries Series Activity Guide - Peer-reviewed activities for grades 6-12 as well as non-traditional educational venues are available. Each activity has been correlated to National Science and Social Studies Educational Standards. Activities cover topics including sustainable fishing methods, bycatch, fishing technologies, aquaculture practices, and costs and benefits related to fisheries and aquaculture production. Activities link well with Habitat Media's documentaries Empty Oceans, Empty Nets and Farming the Seas but can be used as stand-alones also.

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