Coastal Ocean Institute's Coastal Science Clearinghouse - COI strives to translate the results of basic coastal research for citizens and policymakers, while providing a solid information base for better resource management. This site provides information on a multitude of coastal issues including natural hazards, such as tsunamis and hurricanes, moving shorelines, coastal pollution, fisheries and coastal resources, waves, tides, currents, groundwater. Most topics feature more specific sub-topics which include Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution literature concerning the issue.

Human Impact - Lessons and activities from the Gulf of Maine Aquarium on topics such as oil spills, ozone, conservation, etc.

Ocean Planet: Ocean Market - Essay, lesson plan, student package, and background resources about products from the ocean are included here.

Florida Internet Center for Understanding Sustainability (FICUS) - Information at this site includes Florida exhibits & town plans, tools & calculators, geographic navigator, library, legislative update, and organizations.

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