This section links to sites that specify themselves as elementary resources; however, there may be sites elsewhere on the Bridge that would also be of use to elementary educators. After looking through this section, you may want to consult the ocean science topic pages for additional resources.

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3rd Grade

Under the Sea - Lots of ideas for elementary students. Contains lessons, online activities, links, and an extensive list of books about marine life and habitats. Grades K-7.

National Estuarine Research Reserve System Lesson Plans - A collection of curricula, lesson plans and activities developed by some of the National Estuarine Research Reserves to help introduce students to specific estuarine environments. Topics include eelgrass and mud flat habitats, mangroves, natural and cultural resources, water cycle, hydrology, and public policy. K-12.

National Marine Sanctuaries Teacher Programs - The National Marine Sanctuary Program aims to provide teachers with resources and training to support ocean literacy in America's classrooms. "Everything is here under one roof; lesson plans, exciting activities for students, possible research investigations, and background information for teachers. Grades 3-12." Mellie, Teacher grades 4&5

New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium Lesson Plans - These very complete and teacher-friendly lesson plans target the New Jersey (Atlantic) coast, but most could be easily adapted to other regions. Topics covered: beach profiling; beach zonation; horseshoe crabs; hermit crabs; fish anatomy; mollusks; sea shells; estuaries; currents; seafloor mapping; water quality; water clarity; oxygen; pH; plankton; salinity; food web; marshes. Plans include: objectives; background information and links to content-related websites; diagrams; student data sheets.

Sea World - Excellent resource for information and teaching activities on marine life, designed primarily for elementary level. K-8.

Institute for Marine Remote Sensing Lesson Plans -Five lessons on this page cover the secchi disk, coral reef remote sensing, ocean color and sea surface temperature.

Respect the Beach Program - An interdisciplinary coastal education program from the Surfrider Foundation with oceanography and environmental protection lesson plans. Two units, Beach Explorers and Studies In Sand, are currently available online in PDF format with more units to come. Grades 3-6.

Bay BC's- Mulidisciplinary activity guide for grades K-3 offering background information and lesson ideas concerning the Chesapeake Bay.

Mr. and Mrs. Fish - An award-winning marine education program that comes to elementary schools all over the world to perform hilarious, yet highly educational assembly programs about life in the sea. Grades K-4.

Turning the Tide on Trash- Three online units with definitions and activities related to marine debris for grades 3-6.

Treasures@Sea - An elementary resource that explores the ocean through literature. Offers lesson plans, writing activites, art activities, and book activities. Grades K-6.

Whale Times - Website geared for younger ages. Contains marine mammal facts, kids' activities, recommended books and Ask Jake the Seadog. Grades 1-4.

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