Hydrothermal Vents

Ocean AdVENTure - Take this virtual tour of hydrothermal vents to learn the basics about vents, how they're studied, the associated biology and geology, and consider the ethics about vent mining. This site also has a forum for discussion and learning activities.

Oceanography: An ONR Science and Technology Focus Site - A comprehensive site from the Office of Naval Research with detailed topic information, online quizzes and activities. Look under the Habitats section for information and activities on hydrothermal vents.

Ridge 2000 - Ridge 2000 is a major, long-term program of research into the life, physical, earth, and ocean science of mid-ocean ridges and related tectonic systems. This site includes activities, lessons and resources for your own classroom in addition to expedition information, professional development opportunities and career information.

American Museum of Natural History: Black Smokers - Follow an expedition to observe black smokers. Includes information on hydrothermal vents, the world ridge system, deep sea organisms, and submersibles, plus classroom activities.

NOVA Online: Into the Abyss - Follow a deep sea mission to recover the top of a black smoker and learn more about hydrothermal vent communities and the technology that let's us observe them.

NOAA's VENTS Program - Website of NOAA's research on vents with emphasis on geological, physical, chemical and geophysical oceanography.

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