DREAMS - Diversity in Research in Environmental and Marine Sciences



Image of student used by permission of Hampton University

DREAMS is a partnership program between Hampton University's Department of Marine & Environmental Science and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. This program will provide Hampton U. students with comprehensive research experience, career preparation and leadership training.

Our goals are:

  • to enhance students' academic performance in environmental and marine sciences,
  • increase ethnic diversity in science higher education and workforce,
  • establish Hampton U. students as role models in the science and local communities,
  • and attract students from underrepresented groups into VIMS graduate programs.

DREAMS is funded by the NSF-UMEB (Award no. DBI-0304992) and NOAA-CMER (Award no. NA04NMF4550410).

What DREAMS May Come: An in-depth look at this unique partnership for underrepresented minority students in marine science.

Congratulations to DREAMS Scholar Gabrielle Lyons! Gabrielle conducted research with Dr. Claudia Benitez-Nelson at U. South Carolina. She presented her project "Composition of Riverine Derived Particulate Phosphorus in the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela" at the September, 2005 ERF conference, and won First Place in the Undergraduate Poster Presentations Category.

Click here to read Gabbrielle's poster.

Congratulations to DREAMS Scholar Ashley Nance! Ashley conducted research with Dr. Micheal Newman and graduate student Erica Holloman at VIMS. Her project "Mercury exposure through seafood consumption: A probabilistic risk assessment" won Honorable Mention in the 2006 NOAA EPP conference.

Congratulations to recent DREAMS graduates: Cara Babineaux, Ashley Nance, Eric Battles

Continuing DREAMers: Alise Parrish, Jeanette Davis, Kristina Williams, Coley Speaks

Welcome 2007 new DREAMers: Christopher Burrell, Jeremy Williams

The latest issue of DREAMS Newsletter is here.

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