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Request for Animal Maintenance
Animal Maintenance Schedule
Research on Animal Subjects

Animal Maintenance

A hallmark of the Eastern Shore Laboratory is its facilities for maintaining and experimenting with live marine and estuarine organisms. A flexible seawater system and a large number of seawater tanks, tables, and aquaria make it possible to support a variety of marine-culture and animal-maintenance needs.

Individuals wishing to use these facilities for the maintenance of marine organisms should first submit a completed Request for Animal Maintenance form to the Director for scheduling purposes. The Animal Maintenance form should be filled out and returned in advance. If your work will involve the use of vertebrates, you should also complete the Research on Animal Subjects form and send one copy to the Animal Research Committee at William & Mary and one copy to the Eastern Shore Lab.

Shark Research

The proper care and maintenance of organisms generally includes establishing feeding schedules, monitoring water quality, controlling temperature, and the cleaning of tanks, filters, and seawater lines. To ensure that we meet all of these needs, it is essential that each investigator work with the Director and staff of the Laboratory to develop a clear maintenance schedule. It is recognized that at a coastal field station investigators will often be away from the laboratory for periods during which their organisms will require maintenance by the resident staff. It is absolutely imperative that this maintenance be the product of prior planning, in writing, with the Director.

Note: It is not sufficient to ask someone to look after your study organisms while you are away. We require that regular water-quality monitoring be a part of any culture or maintenance of marine organisms and that an Animal Maintenance Schedule form be completed for all projects.

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