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Reserve a Room:
757-787-5816 or
Dormitory Phone:
Owens House: 757-787-5838
Council House: 757-302-2098
Dormitory Rules:     html  | pdf
Visitors' Brochure: (160 K pdf file)
Dormitory Rates: $12 Person/Night

ESL Dormitory

There are two dormitory facilities at the Eastern Shore Lab. The Owens House is a 4,000 sq. ft., two-story house, converted from a single family dwelling. Total sleeping capacity is 32 people. The downstairs has three private rooms each with a single bed, one room with 4 beds and one room with 3 beds. The upstairs has three large rooms with a total of 22 bunks. Two restroom and shower facilities are located on each floor. Handicap access to the lower floor is provided.

The Council House is a 1,135 sq. ft. one-story rancher. Total sleeping capacity is 6 people. There are three bedrooms with 2 single beds in each room. One restroom is shared between occupants.

Each dorm has a full service kitchen with dining area. Appliances and cookware are available, but all food must be brought by the guests. Consideration of other guests requires that these facilities be maintained clean and orderly by all users.

Visitors should bring their own linens for a single size bed, pillow, blanket and towels. Janitorial service is limited and guests are required to keep the dorm clean and neat.

A full listing of dormitory rules is available either in html format or as a printable pdf file.

There is a telephone in each dormitory. After hours there is no one in the administration building to answer the phone. If you are expecting personal calls, the dormitory number should be used.

Owens House phone: 757-787-5838
Council House phone: 757-302-2098

Dormitory Rates: All visitors will be charged $12 per person/per night.

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