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Use information here at your own risk.
The information in our local Web is provided by many different people. While we try to keep it accurate and up-to-date as best we can, we can't make any guarantees that it always will be. If you see something on a VIMS web page that should be corrected or updated and you are a member of the VIMS community, send email to the address given at the bottom of that page. Be sure to give the full URL of the document in your email. We'll see if the info can be corrected. If you are from outside the VIMS community, all information provided here is as is , but suggestions and comments are welcome.

Note that, with the exception of the main web server, we have no control over, and are not responsible for, the contents of the various Web sites that are located on our campus and elsewhere.
Unless otherwise noted, the information in the local Web does not represent official statements or views of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, School of Marine Science, The College of William & Mary, its faculty or staff.


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