Molluscan Ecology Program

Oyster Reef Communities in the Chesapeake Bay

A multimedia CD-ROM
Version 1.0 Available June 1999

Photograph courtesy of J.A. Wesson.Used with permisson.

What is Oyster Reef Communities in the Chesapeake Bay (ORCCB)?

ORCCB is an educational CD ROM based application available for Macintosh and IBM-compatible personal computers. The software is supported by full documentation as well as this Internet web site.

What information does the CD include?

The ORCCB CD includes three main sections:
Oyster Reefs: Community Centers for the Estuary - includes sections describing oyster biology, reef ecology, reef habitat structure, reef restoration methods, the historic Chesapeake oyster fishery, and the relationship of water quality parameters with oysters and oyster reefs.
Science in Action: Putting the Puzzle Together - includes sections describing how VIMS fishery scientists make research plans, collect reef community data and apply the data to real-life management issues.
Saving Our Bay: The Next Steps - includes sections describing resources and ways for educators and members of the general public to learn more about oyster and oyster reefs in the Bay and become involved in the restoration process.

Why was ORCCB developed?

ORCCB was developed to communicate the results of ongoing VIMS Molluscan Ecology oyster reef research and restoration activities to educators and interested members of the general public.

Who sponsored ORCCB development?

ORCCB development was sponsored by Virginia's Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Advisory Committee, the VIMS Department of Fisheries Science, and Virginia Sea Grant Program.

Who is the ORCCB target audience?

ORCCB version 1.0 is written for science educators and members of the general public who are interested in learning more about oyster reefs and oyster reef restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay.

What are the main benefits of the ORCCB software?

The main benefits of the ORCCB software are derived from its approach. The information is presented in the context of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem and the scientific methods used by researchers to study and manage the system. The importance and relevance of oyster reefs in the Chespeake Bay are described using text-book style chapters combined with interactive simulations based on actual research results.

Who wrote the ORCCB software?

The ORCCB software was written by Juliana Harding (VIMS Department of Fisheries Science) in collaboration with Roger Mann (VIMS Department of Fisheries Science) and Vicki Clark (VIMS Marine Advisory Services).

How do I order a copy of the ORCCB CD?

Print an ORCCB order form. Fill the order form out completely. Mail the order form and payment to the address given on the form. View a CD ORDER FORM.

How do I get more information about the ORCCB software?

ORCCB release updates and software information will be posted on this web site periodically. Specific questions should be sent to Juliana Harding (

List of Known Software Conflicts

Macintosh computers running MacOS 8.6: The ORCCB software boots and runs smoothly. However, the text spacing and alignment on some menu buttons cause the buttons to be oversized and display improperly. The problem appears to be directly related to MacOS 8.6 as the text spacing and display is "normal" on Macintosh computers running MacOS 7.5 through 8.5.
Software Fixes and Troubleshooting Hints will be posted on this web site as they become available.

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