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Courses Taught by Physical Sciences Faculty Courses taught by Physical Sciences Faculty

Listed below are the typical classes offered by the Physical Sciences faculty. Class descriptions and schedules can be found in the current SMS graduate catalog.

Faculty at VIMS/SMS use Blackboard to distribute class notes, information and communications. Some "guest" access is allowed to these areas.


MS501 - Fundamentals of Marine Science

James Bauer, John Brubaker, Steve Kuehl, Walker Smith

MS501-L - Fundamentals of Marine Science, Lab

Elizabeth Canuel

MS502 - Coastal and Estuarine Processes, Issues and Investigations

Carl Friedrichs, Larry Haas, Linda Schaffner

MS506 - Scientific Communications Skills

John Milliman

MS520 - Principles of Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography

John Brubaker, Carl Friedrichs

MS522 - Principles of Geological Oceanography

Steve Kuehl

MS524 - Principles of Chemical Oceanography

James Bauer, Elizabeth Canuel

MS545 - Marine Sedimentation

John Milliman

MS550 - Rivers: Processes and Management

John Milliman

MS552 - Coastal Sedimentary Environments

Jesse McNinch

MS553 - Introduction to Benthic Boundary Layers and Sediment Transport

L. Donelson Wright

MS554 - Principles of Numerical Computing

Harry Wang, Courtney K. Harris

MS556 - Biogeochemical Modeling

Rebecca Dickhut

MS557 - Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry

Deborah Bronk

MS611 - Estuarine Hydrodynamics I

Harry Wang

MS612 - Estuarine Hydrodynamics II

Harry Wang

MS613 - Ocean Dynamics

John Brubaker, Carl Friedrichs

MS615 - Hydrodynamic Modelling of Estuarine and Coastal Waters

Harry Wang

MS621 - Coastal Morphodynamic Processes

L. Donelson Wright

MS623 - Isotope Geochronology

Steve Kuehl

MS624 - Ocean Waves: Theory, Measurement and Analysis

Jerome Maa

MS627 - Marine Organic Geochemistry

Elizabeth Canuel, James Bauer

MS629 - Environmental Organic Geochemistry

Rebecca Dickhut