square30_blue_1.gif  Shore-normal breakwater

Simulation of wave reflection, refraction, diffraction, bottom friction, and breaking


Model simulated wave height contours (in cm) near the shore-normal jetty.

The computation domain was selected as 20 m x 6 m in the x and y directions, respectively.  The radiation boundary condition was specified on the left and right side boundaries.  On the two sides of the jetty, a total reflection boundary condition was specified.  On the top, the radiation boundary was specified, and at the bottom of the computation domain, the given boundary was assigned with the radiation boundary condition for scatter/reflected waves. 

The calculated wave height contours (in cm) clearly show wave reflection on the left-hand side of the jetty, and wave diffraction on the right-hand side of the jetty.   The shore-parallel enclosed contours with wave height of 2.5 cm near the bottom of the computation domain indicate that there are reflected waves.  This wave height modulation can also be clearly seen from the wave height profiles. For details, see Maa et al. (2002).