York River Salt Intrusion Study

(1991 - 1995)

A. Kuo and G.M. Sisson

(Questions? contact Mac Sisson!)

The salinity intrusion model (A.Y. Kuo and C. S. Fang, 1972; refined in 1991 by Kuo and Sisson) is a long-term, time-dependent model of the mass-balance equation averaged over a tidal cycle and solved numerically by an implicit finite difference scheme.

Input data is quite simply: 1) the daily records of discharge (at Hanover, Va. on the Pamunkey and at Beaulahville, Va. on the Mattaponi) provided by theUSGS (see website http://www-va.usgs.gov) and 2) salinity data at the York River mouth collected by the Bay Monitoring Program and vertically averaged.

Daily averages of salinity are predicted at 102 transect locations. Recently a 5 year run (1991-1995) was made for Dr. Jim Perry and Graduate Student Rose Laird of RMAP and the results for the York-Pamunkey system are shown below: