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Craney Island Eastward Expansion Project

Shoreline Studies
Research Programs in Physical Sciences

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The strength of research in the department of Physical Sciences is its focus on the interdisciplinary aspects of natural processes: physical, geological and chemical. The physical science aspects include studies on water motion in estuaries and on the continental shelf along with the associated transport of buoyancy, suspended particles, nutrients and pollutants. The geological research sites span the full range of marine/nearshore environments from the coastal plain and river floodplains, through the estuaries and across the margin to the base of the continental rise. In the chemical sciences, work is currently being conducted across groundwater, riverine, estuarine, continental margin and open ocean environments on a variety of projects intended to help us better understand the cycling of organic materials (both natural and anthropogenic) and both major and trace elements.

Ongoing Projects
Erosional Hot Spots

Elizabeth River land use

New York Bight

Tairua / Pauanui
Previous Projects
  • 3D - VIMS Hydrodynamic Eutrophication Model (HEM-3D)
  • CAST - Contaminant and Sediment Transport Project on the York River System
  • DREDGING IMPACTS - Offshore Shoals at Maryland/Delaware Border
  • DUCK - Shoreface Suspended Sediment Transport
  • Elizabeth River - Transport and Fate of Sediment / Contaminants
  • GANGES - Ganges Brahmaputra Delta
  • MEQ - Harbor Processes / Marine Environmental Quality
  • SEABED - Harbor Processes / Seabed Component
  • STRATAFORM - Strata Formation on Margins
  • YORK SALINITY - York River Salt Intrusion Study