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Shoreline Management Reports

Lynnhaven River Shoreline Management Plan - 2013 Full Report    
Westmoreland County Shoreline Management Plan - 2013 Full Report    
Hampton Beachfront and Storm Protection Management Plan Full Report    
Living Shoreline Design Guidelines for Shore Protection in Virginia's Estuarine Environments Full Report    
Mathews County Shoreline Management Plan* Full Report   Summary
A Guide to Shoreline Management Planning for Virginia's Coastal Localities Full Report    
Shoreline Management Plan:PhaseII
York River Shoreline and Swanns Pt, James River Shoreline
Full Report   Summary
South River Shoreline Management Plan Synposis Full Report    
Shoreline Management In Chesapeake Bay Full Report    
Mitigating Shore Erosion along Sheltered Coasts Full Report    
New Point Comfort Lighthouse, Mathews, Virginia:Site Assessment Plan Full Report    
Occohannock Creek Shoreline Erosion Assessment and Living Shoreline Options Report Full Report    
Shoreline Management Plan with Habitat Enhancement for Town of Saxis, Virginia Full Report    
Colonial Beach - State of the Beach Report Full Report    
*To download entire Mathews Shoreline Management Report, either save appendices separately or click here for the zip file (173.8Mb) of entire report