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Department of Physical Sciences
Seminar Series at VIMS

WHEN: 12 Noon, Thursdays -- unless indicated otherwise below
WHERE: Dominion Classroom (Andrews Hall 326) -- unless indicated otherwise below
CONTACT: Carl Friedrichs

Fall 2010 - present

09 Sep 2010 William Ullman, University of Delaware, hosted by Iris Anderson Trust - Honor - Integrity: Student Ethics in Scientific Research (Presented at 11 am to noon, Classroom A/B, Watermen's Hall)
16 Sep 2010 Debbie Bronk, VIMS Assessing the Bioavailability of Effluent Organic Nitrogen Using a Suite of Water Quality-Based Assays
23 Sep 2010 Declan De Paor, ODU, hosted by Carl Friedrichs The Google Earth Science Revolution
30 Sep 2010 Lindsey Kraatz, VIMS Draw a Scientist: A Perspective of Science and Scientists from Local Youth
07 Oct 2010 Liz Sikes, Rutgers, hosted by Liz Canuel New Zealand Deglacial Climate and the Antarctic Cold Reversal, Cooler and Drier? Or Wetter? or Both?
14 Oct 2010 ADAS Candidates, VIMS No Physical Sciences seminar this week. Please attend ADAS Candidate talks instead.
21 Oct 2010 Carl Friedrichs, VIMS Tidal Flat Morphodynamics With Application to San Francisco Bay
28 Oct 2010 Aaron Beck, VIMS Radium-Thorium Disequilibrium, and Porewater Flow in Sands
04 Nov 2010

Adam Skarke, University of Delaware, hosted by Carl Friedrichs

From Ripples to Hummocks: Non-Equilibrium Bedform Evolution Under Combined Flow Conditions
11 Nov 2010 Kon-Kee Liu, National Central University, Taiwan, hosted by Harry Wang Coastal Ocean Research in Taiwan -- Recent Advances and Future Plans
18 Nov 2010 Baeck Oon Kim, Kunsan National Univ., Korea, hosted by Jerome Maa Case Studies of Shoreline Changes on the Korean Coast
27 Jan 2011 Hui Wu, VIMS Tidal Modulation of the Changjiang Plume in Summer
03 Feb 2011 Rowan Lockwood, Geology Dept., W&M, hosted by Carl Friedrichs Bay of the Living Dead: Taphonomic Bias and Historical Ecology of Holocene Mollusks in the Chesapeake Bay
10 Feb 2011 Ilgar Safak, UVA, hosted by Courtney Harris Observations and Modeling of Muddy Seafloor Response to Energetic Surface Waves on the Louisiana Shelf
17 Feb 2011 Rescheduled Rescheduled
24 Feb 2011 Dave Malmquist, VIMS Marketing the VIMS Brand: How You Can Help
03 Mar 2011 Steve Kuehl, VIMS From Sedimentary Fabric to Margin Stratigraphy: What We’ve Learned (So Far) About the New Zealand East Cape
17 Mar 2011 William Sweet, NOAA/NOS/CO-OPS, hosted by John Brubaker New Results Regarding the Climatology of East Coast Storm Surge and Sea Level Anomalies
24 Mar 2011 John Boon, VIMS Sea Level Change in Chesapeake Bay: Understanding the Ups and Downs of Land and Sea
31 Mar 2011 Greg Hancock, Geology Dept., W&M, hosted by Carl Friedrichs Evaluating the Effectiveness of Retention Ponds at Controlling the Quantity and Quality of Suburban Runoff, James City County
07 Apr 2011

Emily Brault, VIMS

Carolina Funkey, VIMS

Chemical Tracers for Studying the Antarctic Marine Food Web

Abiotic Release of Labile Nitrogen from Effluent Organic Nitrogen

14 Apr 2011 Willy Reay, VIMS Vunerability Assessment of Emergent Wetlands to Sea Level Rise: A Focus on the York River Estuary
21 Apr 2011

Stephanie Salisbury, VIMS

Emily Jayne, VIMS

Dynamics of the Extracellular Polymeric Substances Produced by Benthic Microalgae: An In Situ 13C and 15N Tracer Approach

Development of a Method for Quantifying the Air-Sea Flux of Volatile Organic Carbon

28 Apr 2011

Chenggong Li, VIMS, Dalian Technology University, China, hosted by Jerome Maa

Preliminary Results on Hydro-modeling using Lattice Boltzmann Equation and GPU for Massive Parallel Computing

14 Sep 2011

Courtney Harris, VIMS

Coupling Sediment Transport and Biological Processes within a Numerical Ocean Model

22 Sep 2011

Carl Friedrichs, VIMS

Damping of Turbulence by Suspended Sediment within the Bottom Boundary Layer

29 Sep 2011

Aaron Beck, VIMS

Submarine Groundwater Discharge, the Subterranean Estuary and Strontium Isotopes: Can We Close the Oceanic Strontium Budget?

06 Oct 2011

John Milliman, VIMS

Temporal and Spatial Response of River Discharge to Earthquakes and Typhoon-Generated Floods

13 Oct 2011

Jian Shen, VIMS

Simulation Transport and Fate of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Baltimore Harbor for Supporting Non-Point Source Management

20 Oct 2011

Nicolee Raineault, Univ. of Delaware, hosted by Carl Friedrichs

Illuminating the Abyss: Mapping the Deep, Dark, or Murky Geology and Habitats of Delaware Bay and the Coastal Atlantic

27 Oct 2011

Bo Hong, VIMS

The Response of Chesapeake Bay to Sea-Level Rise

3 Nov 2011 Russell Deyoung and William Ball, NASA Langley, hosted by Harry Wang

Climate Change Impacts and Flood Analysis Tools at NASA Langley Research Center

17 Nov 2011

Debbie Bronk, VIMS

Jenna Spackeen, VIMS

The Problem of Effluent Organic Nitrogen

Food Web Structure of Two Negative Estuaries in the Northern Gulf of California, Mexico

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