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Department of Physical Sciences
Seminar Series at VIMS

FALL 2005 - SPRING 2006

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01 Sep 2005 Carl Friedrichs Coastal Observing System Developments
08 Sep 2005 Geoff Wikel Evaluating Coastal Change Using NASA Experimental Advanced Airborne Research Lidar: Parramore Island, Virginia
15 Sep 2005 Lila Gerald and Steve Kuehl Preliminary Results from the MARGINS Source-to-Sink Program: Sediment Dispersal on the Continental Shelf off Waipaoa River, NZ
22 Sep 2005 Paul Liu, NCSU Fate of World Major River-Derived Sediments to the Sea
29 Sep 2005 1. Jesse McNinch

2. Heidi Wadman

1. Shoreline Progradation and Sediment Exchange Between the Coastal Plain and the Inner Shelf - Waipaoa Sedimentary System

2. Inner Shelf Processes Affecting Shelf-Wide Sedimentation, Waiapu River, New Zealand

06 Oct 2005 John Milliman Global Trends in Precipitation and River Runoff, 1951-2000
13 Oct 2005 Neil Banas, University of Washington Dynamics of Willapa Bay, Washington: Links to the Coastal Ocean, Tidal Dispersion, and Oyster Carrying Capacity
20 Oct 2005 No DPS Seminar Estuarine Research Federation Meeting
27 Oct 2005 Jian Shen Age of Water Calculation and Transport Time-Scales of the York and James Rivers
03 Nov 2005 1. Justin Vandever

2. Lorraine Brasseur

1. ADCP Measurement of Waves in the York River Estuary

2. Vertical Mixing Processes in the York River Estuary

10 Nov 2005 Harry Wang and Dave Forrest Recent Developments on the Numerical Model Simulation of Storm Surge -- a Subject of Renewed Interest
17 Nov 2005 Jim Bauer Cancelled
01 Dec 2005 1. Paul Bradley

2. Lynn Killberg

1. Microbial Nitrogen Use in a Mid-Atlantic Bight Upwelling Region: Man vs. Machine

2. Organic Nitrogen Uptake in Harmful Algal Blooms

26 Jan 2006 Carl Friedrichs Sediment Dynamics of the Potomac River Estuary with an Emphasis on Suspended Particle Properties
02 Feb 2006 John Brubaker Interaction of Wind and Tidal Currents in Controlling Estuarine Turbulence and Mixing
09 Feb 2006 Matt Evans, W&M Geology Dept High Temperature Weathering: Hot Springs in the Himalaya
16 Feb 2006 1. J. Paul Rinehimer

2. Patrick Dickhudt

1. Modeling Roughness in the Benthic Boundary Layer of Chesapeake Bay

2. Estimating Sediment Porosity with Digital X-radiography

23 Feb 2006 No DPS Seminar AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting
02 Mar 2006 1. Grace Cartwright

2. Lynsey LeMay

1. Monitoring Suspended Sediment Plumes Formed in the James River During Dredging Using ADCP, OBS, and Bottle Samples

2. To Ditch or Not to Ditch: The Role of Mosquito Ditches in a New England Salt Pond

16 Mar 2006 1. Kevin Xu

2. Jennifer Miselis

1. Sediment Mineralogy and Provenance in the Inner Shelf Mud Wedge of the East China Sea

2. Morphodynamic and Volumetric Response of the Beach and Nearshore to Storm Forcing

23 Mar 2006 Karen Frey, UCLA West Siberia: A Harbinger of Arctic and Global Change
30 Mar 2006 1. Andrew Wozniak

2. Jennifer DeAlteris

1. Atmospheric Fossil Sources of River and Estuarine Organic Carbon Transported to the Coastal Ocean

2. Elemental and Isotopic Characterization of Organic Matter in the South Atlantic Bight, a Net Heterotrophic System

06 Apr 2006 Cindy Palinkas, UMCES Modern Shelf Sedimentation in the Adriatic Sea
13 Apr 2006 1. Joe Cho

2. Amanda Spivak

1. Storm Surge Inundation

2. Linking Community Structure to Carbon Cycling: Cascading Effects of Changing Diversity on Sediment Geochemistry in an Experimental Seagrass System

20 Apr 2006 1. Ho Kyung Ha

2. Peony Ma

1. The Critical Shear Stress for Deposition

2. Tripod Observation and Data Analysis on the Continental Shelf of the Waiapu River

27 Apr 2006 1. Jarrell Smith

2. Yuepeng Li

1. Suspended Sediment Dynamics in Dredge Plumes

2. Water Quality Simulation in Lynnhaven River

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