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Department of Physical Sciences
Seminar Series at VIMS

FALL 2006 - SPRING 2007

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31 Aug 2006 Karin Huijts, Utrecht Univ. (hosted by Carl Friedrichs) Lateral Trapping of Sediment in Tidal Estuaries: An Idealized Model Study
07 Sep 2006 Willy Reay CBNERRVA: Integrating Science, Education and Resource Stewardship
14 Sep 2006 Stuart Wakeham, Skidaway (hosted by Liz Canuel) New Insights into the Biogeochemistry of Particulate Organic Matter in the Ocean
21 Sep 2006 Jerome Maa Are Edge Waves Responsible for Hualien Harbor Resonance?
28 Sep 2006 Aaron Bever Sediment Transport off the Po River: A Model - Data Comparison
05 Oct 2006 Lorraine Brasseur Suspended Sediment and Near-bottom Turbulence Characteristics in Partially Mixed Estuaries
12 Oct 2006 Courtney Harris Sediment Dispersal and Trapping in Poverty Bay, New Zealand Over Multiple Timescales
19 Oct 2006 Scott Hardaway Sand Dunes of the Chesapeake
26 Oct 2006 Maria Ivanova, W&M Environmental Sciences (hosted by Jim Bauer) Who is Responsible for the Global Environment? Understanding the United Nations
02 Nov 2006 Carl Friedrichs The York River MUDBED Project: Multidisciplinary Benthic Exchange Dynamics
09 Nov 2006 Pat Hatcher, ODU (hosted by Jim Bauer) Molecular Mass of DOM Molecules: What Does It Tell Us About Its Constituents?
16 Nov 2006 Steve Kuehl Tracking Sediments From Source To Sink: Shelf Studies in the MARGINS New Zealand Focus Area
30 Nov 2006 Steve Brooks, NOAA (hosted by Willy Reay) Atmospheric Mercury Deposition in Coastal Settings: A Focus on the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico with a Presentation of Mercury in Antarctica to Follow
07 Dec 2006 Rebecca Dickhut Atmospheric Transport of Brominated Flame Retardants to the Antarctic
01 Feb 2007 Heidi Wadman Fine Sediment Sequestration on Active Inner Shelves: Examples From the Waiapu and Waipaoa Rivers, New Zealand
08 Feb 2007 Jian Shen Elucidating the Characteristics of Long-term Transport Timescale of the Chesapeake Bay through Age Tracer Modeling
15 Feb 2007 John Milliman Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors Affecting River Discharge to the Coastal Ocean, 1951-2000
22 Feb 2007 1. Andrew Wozniak

2. Lila Gerald

1. Deposition and Reactivity or Aerosol-Derived Organic Carbon in Temperate Watersheds

2. Characteristics and Preservation of Event Beds on the Continental Shelf off the Waipaoa River, New Zealand

01 Mar 2007 Lynn Killberg Uptake of Inorganic and Organic Nitrogen by Four Strains of Karenia Brevis
08 Mar 2007 1. Ho Kyung Ha

2. Tara Kniskern

1. Critical Shear Stress for Cohesive Sediment Deposition: Laboratory Measurements

2. Flood Sediment Dispersal and Deposition on the Waiapu River Shelf, East Cape, New Zealand

22 Mar 2007 1. Yuepeng Li

2. Joe Cho

1. Water Quality Simulation and Nutrient Budget Calculation in Lynnhaven River

2. The Response of Chesapeake Bay to Hurricane Events

29 Mar 2007 1. Annie Miller

2. J. Paul Rinehimer

1. A Sediment Budget for Recent Sedimentation off the Waipaoa River, New Zealand

2. Effect of Erodibility on Sediment Transport in a Model of the York River

05 Apr 2007 1. Josh Bearman

2. Patrick Dickhudt

1. Trends in Tidal Flat Morphology in South San Francisco Bay from the Gold Rush to the Dot-Com Boom

2. Variability and Controls on Seabed Erodibility in the York River

12 Apr 2007 Peter Sedwick, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (hosted by Rebecca Dickhut) Atmospheric Input of Iron to the Surface Ocean - Insights from Field Observations in the Sargasso Sea
19 Apr 2007 Wei-Jun Cai, Univ. Georgia Dept. of Marine Sciences (hosted by Jim Bauer) Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes and Control Mechanisms in Western Boundary Current Shelves
26 Apr 2007 1. Lindsey Kraatz

2. Grace Cartwright

1. The Sound of Mud: Plans for Acoustic Seabed Surveying in the York River

2. Acoustic and Optical Response to Organic Suspended Matter: ADCP and LISST

03 May 2007 Henrieta Dulaiova, Woods Hole Ocean. Inst. (hosted by Rebecca Dickhut) The Underground Connection Between Land and Sea Revealed by Geochemical Tracers

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