How do I subscribe to CRUST-L?

Subscription is automated, but involves a little interaction to avoid spammers. Send SUBSCRIBE CRUST-L YOUR NAME (where your name is not your email address) as the message body to LISTPROC@VIMS.EDU. Follow the authentication instructions. If no instructions are forthcoming, contact

How do I unsubscribe to CRUST-L?

Send UNSUBSCRIBE CRUST-L as the message body to LISTPROC@VIMS.EDU.

What's the difference between CRUST-L and LISTPROC?

LISTPROC is unix-based software that runs the mailing list. It handles subscriptions, archiving, and some limited interactive tasks. Other mailer software includes LISTPROC, and LISTSERVER.

CRUST-L is the mailing list. Send subscribe and other interactive commands (WHO, HELP, etc.) to LISTPROC, but send posts on Crustacea to CRUST-L.

I've been subscribed to CRUST-L but my messages are returned stating "ONLY LIST SUBSCRIBERS MAY SEND MESSAGES." Why?

This is a nuisance problem that arises from the use of aliases. Usually you continue receiving CRUST-L postings, but you can't send messages to CRUST-L. The result is mail bouncing back to you as if you weren't subscribed. This is different from the "list CRUST-L: Mail Error Notification" which simply means your message hasn't been received by a single user (see below). The latter is a simple problem that arises for a number of external reasons (networks down, user unknown, etc.)

The ALIAS problem arises because our listserver doesn't recognize subtle changes in domain names that occur when your local system administrators use aliases in email addresses. An alias is a pointer that allows you to use fashionable addresses like instead of 

The "ONLY LIST SUBSCRIBERS MAY SEND MESSAGES" problem can be very frustrating but we have a work around. FIXES: (1) The DEFAULT setting for subscribers has been changed to VARIABLE. This should allow you to unsubscribe your old address via your new address. [There is some slight risk involved with this, but I think it worthwhile.] Send UNSUBSCRIBE YOUR@OLD.EMAIL.ADDRESS to LISTPROC@VIMS.EDU, and resubscribe by sending SUBSCRIBE CRUST-L YOUR NAME as the message body to LISTPROC@VIMS.ED; or (2) contact me if you have problems (don't we all!), and I'll set the alias on this end. 

I posted a message to CRUST-L and received a "message not delivered" post. What does this mean?

If you send a message and get a strange message from a foreign (or sometimes local) mail server, just delete it and wait for your message to appear on CRUST-L. If it doesn't appear after 12 hours or so, then resend it. These are the inumerable bounces that are received by the list administrator. They occur for a number of reasons. 

Also, please don't send me a message with the subject header "list CRUST-L: Mail Error Notification". I filter my mail so that I don't receive these messages automatically, else I would receive up to several hundred per week. 

I subscribe to CRUST-L but haven't received any mailings?

The list generates several "bounced" messages a day. Most of these are from people who no longer have valid email addresses due to changes in jobs, graduation from college, etc. I have set a software switch to "AUTO-DELETE-SUBSCRIBERS." After one bounce, you will be deleted from the mailing list. If for some reason you don't get mail, then your address has probably been deleted because of the "bounce" problem. Resubscribe as mentioned above.

Is there a DIGEST mode and how do I use it?

A DIGEST mode is available. Those using DIGEST mode receive a weekly bulk mailing (40 Kb) of recent posts to the list. The advantages are that you have all of the posts in one file. The disadvantages are that you receive the digest after much of the discussion has occurred.

You can subscribe to the DIGEST by sending SET CRUST-L MAIL DIGEST as the message body to LISTPROC@VIMS.EDU.

How do I access archived mailings?

The CRUST-L archives are updated daily. Archives prior to August, 1999 can be found at Sen INDEX CRUST-L to LISTPROC@VIMS.EDU. You can search archives by subject or author. Send HELP ARCHIVES to LISTPROC@VIMS.EDU for a list of commands to use such as GET LOGYEAR## to obtain the file of interest.  

Can I post requests for email addresses?

Yes. However, you can often find the address by sending REVIEW CRUST-L to LISTPROC@VIMS.EDU. Upon receiving the file, search for the institution or name that you wish to find.

What to do during "technical difficulties?"

Occasionally CRUST-L goes down. If you don't receive any CRUST-L mail over the course of a few days, check for a notice posted at the TCS web site.

Are there other Crustacean email discussion groups?

Numerous specialty groups (e.g., discussions for brine shrimp, copepods, etc.) are available. Check out the Biosis site for some additional lists. They range from large groups like the popular list for shellfish (, to the specialty lists like that for crab fisheries (, or for green crabs (

A list devoted to Crustacea of Latin America can be found at CRUSTACEA@OLA.ICMYL.UNAM.MX, or else request information directly to

There is also a list devoted to francophonic Carcinologists. * Envoyer a l'adresse electronique suivante : le texte suivant sans sujet ni signature: SUBscribe fclf votrenom (exemple : SUBscribe fclf Leon Erriep Univ-Paris6)

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